Welcome to Learning Time

Learning Time provides learning and development solutions to help you build your future.

We support people from all over the world to improve skills and capability. Learning Time provides high quality solutions that will make a real difference because we want to help you to build your future.

At Learning Time we help businesses to develop their employees and help them to be the best that they can be. Through ‘Off the shelf” or bespoke packages, we are here for you.

Students around the world want to develop and expand their knowledge or pass their exams. We provide high quality e-learning to help them be a success and build their future. Learning Time solutions will help build your future because we have have 15 years of Learning experience and we know you can be awesome.

What is E-Learning?

E-learning is a flexible way for you to develop your potential and build your future. It is a very efficient way to learn because it focuses on specific areas of development. E-Learning allows you to revisit the learning as often as you need. As it is available any time and enables you to integrate the learning into your lifestyle.

Whether you are a student, a part time worker or a full time worker you can mould the learning to suit your circumstances.

How Can E-Learning Build Your Future

E-learning is provided on a range of topics and enables the learner to gradually progress their development. It consists of a range of tasks. These tasks can include reading, storylines with learning tests, video discussions, games, quizzes and tests. All the different blended learning methods help the learner to retain information and demonstrate what they have learned.

Our courses at Learning Time use a blended learning style. They are built on a variety of platforms to provide each learner with the opportunity to absorb the learning. The learner is then able to demonstrate what they have learned and will receive a certificate of competence on completion of the course.

Who can Benefit From E-Learning at Learning Time?

We provide learning for Students, individuals and businesses that want to develop their employees.